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2016/17 Wrestling Season Is HERE!!!

Tiger Takedown Wrestling
November 7th – 10th
6:30 – 7:30 PM

Parents and Students:

The Newberg Wrestling program will be sponsoring a week-long wrestling clinic for youngsters in grades K-8 the week of November 7th – 10th.  Practices for the week will be from 6:30 to 7:30 PM at NHS in the wrestling room.
Youngsters will be coached and supervised by the Newberg High School wrestling staff, Newberg Mat Club coaches, and the NHS varsity wrestlers.  Each evening will include wrestling instruction, exercise and activity, and plenty of actual wrestling.  Participants will be matched up with youngsters their own age and size for the week.  Everyone is encouraged to join us, regardless of wrestling experience.
The cost for the ENTIRE week is $5 - total.  Registration will be at the door on Monday evening, November 7th.  Youngsters who cannot attend all four nights are welcome and encouraged to come when they can.  Wrestlers should wear shorts or sweat pants, a T-shirt, and clean tennis shoes or socks.  Parents are encouraged to come watch, take pictures, and visit with coaches.
There will be information about the Newberg Mat Club and other kid wrestling opportunities for kids available during the week.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact head wrestling coach Neil Russo at NHS (503) 515-4220.  We look forward to seeing you at practice.

Newberg Wrestling Coaching Staff



     We wrestle a quality schedule, the best competition we can find. Our opponents, at every level, train hard, put in the extra work, and believe they are going to win when they step on the mat. We must match that and more… As Coaches, Wrestlers and Parents, we have an opportunity to succeed not only in the sport of wrestling but as leaders within a sport and community we love.  In wrestling there is no one to hide behind, your time and effort at practice are clearly represented during competition.  To be the best you must be able to push yourself harder when you're winning, and be smart enough to grow from your losses  when you're not.  

     We work hard and look for kids who are committed to the sport of wrestling and what we’re doing within this program.  We will teach them to believe in themselves and the verifiable, proven techniques that have produced State and National qualifiers and champions at every level for the past 70 years.  We've built, and will continue to find and build a core group of wrestlers that are “all in”. This group will continue to drive what the program is built around as we work to find and develop athletes that commit themselves to the program.  Additionally, we welcome and embrace those kids that are checking out the program,  Looking for a way to get plugged in as a new wrestler, or using the program to build endurance that will give them athletic advantage in other non wrestling sports.  These kids create the future core groups of the Newberg Mat Club and we will champion their needs as we do with any kid in the club, creating a  “complete wrestling program”

     We seek out and retain coaches that are results oriented and passionate about the growth of those within their influence. These coaches are dedicated, motivational, resourceful, disciplined and care about this club and the kids within.  We create an atmosphere that allows coaches to build at every level the kind of wrestlers that keep Newberg Wrestling at the top of the list as the club to beat. Our coaches must always put the needs of our kids first and act in their best interest.

     We need parents to understand that development takes time and we are going to push the club kids to hit the expectations we have for them, both on and off the mat. Our parents must not let their emotions get the better of them regarding their child's performance.  Always support and encourage your child regardless of the outcome, and they will grow to love the sport of wrestling.  We need parents to set the example of sportsmanship and encourage them to maintain a positive demeanor and attitude regardless of the match outcome.  We need parents to support the objective of the coach as your child is pushed beyond their comfort zone to grow mentally, physically, and athletically.  

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Coach Russo

 Welcome To Newberg Wrestling...